Yusuke Aida – Neriage mug and saucer

Mug: H: 2.6″ :: W: 3″
Saucer: D: 6.8″

Sculpted by hand by artist Yusuke Aida, Japan. Yusuke Aida’s tea and coffee mugs possess a charming quality of imperfection. Pick one up and examine it to see for yourself the amount of time and craftsmanship that was put into these stunning works of art. Use this modern object with a simple white plate to have a combination that you will never get tired of. Nerikomi is an ancient pottery technique that uses slabs of clay that are dyed and handled by stacking, folding or pressing into cylinders to form simple but striking patterns. The technique dates back to the T’ang dynasty in China. Due to the great care required for preparation nerikomi is one of the most difficult techniques to master. Any successful piece uses color, pattern and shape to create feeling beyond mere design and Yusuke Aida’s pieces transform the ordinary into works of art. All items are hand made by Yusuke Aida in Japan and bare his stamp. Each item is carefully packaged in an individual box and comes with a certificate of authenticity.